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The faces of a Wanna B Fit, LLC!  Let us
Will Samuels

Will Samuels is a Certified Personal Trainer and a U.S. Navy Veteran. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Will spent 20 years of his professional career in bodyguard security, training some of the best Security Guards and Cadets. In fitness, he’s been zealously partnering with people to help them achieve their wellness goals for over 15 years.


Will’s a firm believer in the phrase “Health is Wealth,” and in 2018 he learned firsthand, how valuable health truly is. Suffering unexpectedly from an aortic dissection caused by a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure, Will had a 1% chance of survival rate. His undiagnosed blood pressure got up to 300/180 at its peak, causing pneumonia, cardiac arrest, and landing him in a medically induced coma for two weeks. His team of Doctors’ marvel at the recovery he’s made and that just goes to show that Will doesn’t just create healthy lifestyles for his clients, he also lives it and attributes proper nourishment and regular physical activity to saving his life. 

Lydia Law

Lydia Law is a Certified Personal Trainer and Figure Competitor, that fell in love with fitness 13 years ago. Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, Lydia spent her entire childhood competitively dancing from age 3 all the way through high school. While dancing created an avenue for her to be fit, while doing what she loved, Lydia’s passion for total body wholeness really ignited when she began to study kickboxing and weight training in college. A body sculpting competitor since 2010, Lydia was the 2013 NPC Coastal USA Class D Figure Championship First Place Winner, 2013 DFAC Georgia Figure Championship First Place Winner, 2014 NPC Georgia Class D Figure Championship First Place Winner, 2014 NPC Georgia Figure Championship Overall Winner, and the 2014 SNBF Grand Finale & Pro-Am Event Open Figure C Class First Place Winner. 


Lydia’s belief is that fitness is the lifestyle catalyst that brings a lifetime of thriving change. With a degree in Biochemistry, her mission is to not only help her clients with their overall health goals and needs but to help them understand their bodies all the way down to the cellular level, creating personalized nutrition recommendations and coaching for long-term sustainable change.

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